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At site, Every user’s privacy is really important to us. The submitted personal information like name and email address is only for serve you better while respond your comments and requests. We do not sell any user’s personal information to others. also here you can share your comments with your primary email address without any doubts about spam. Here We never share your email address on any web pages and external sites.

We never track any user’s activity after leave our site. All the given information are only for legal purposes. The online hacking tutorials are only for secure yourself from hackers and malware. I never responsible for any causes of damages and complaints when the user misuse our articles and hacking tricks. If we found any unwanted illegal tricks and other suggestions in our comment section, We have full rights to remove the info without notifying the comment author.

All comment authors must have to submit email address for verify the user is real user or bots. Because we never allow bot comments and spam links for free promotion and backlinks. Only submit comments related the posts and questions. I never miss any user’s suggestion and feedback for improve this blog and improve the user’s experience on this site.

Here all posts are manually tested and providing with step by step tutorial. In this case if you found any content that violate your privacy. We will remove it as soon as possible. For any type of help and suggestion contact the admin via contact us page and comments section. Thanks for the support.